Townhomes for Sale in Summerville,SC

If you are thinking about investing in a townhome for sale in Summerville, SC. You need to weigh the pros and cons of owning a townhome. Townhomes have been popular in the United States for a long time. Originally designed to allow a maximum amount of people to live "in town," these tall homes were built side by side and typically shared adjoining walls.  Today, these homes are very popular and many new developments devote a section of their neighborhoods to townhomes.

Pros of Townhome Living in Summerville, SC:

Less Exterior Maintenance- If you are looking for very little yard to maintain, town homes are usually built on very small lots.  Additionally, the siding on your home is only on the front and back of home. This makes it easier on the pocket book when it comes time to power-wash, repair, or paint!

Safety is stronger-With neighbors close by, they are usually aware of what is happening around them.  This makes burglaries very rare in townhome communities.

Amenities- Living in a townhome allows you to enjoy the amenities of a community such as the pool, tennis,  and fitness center without owning one of the higher end homes.

Cost- On average, you will receive more square footage for your money with a townhouse.

Cons of Townhome Living in Summerville, SC:

Lack of Privacy- Because of the close proximity of the town homes, you are more likely to be disturbed by neighbor noise, although the newer town homes have had thick firewalls put in them to diminish noise, it is something to consider.

Home Owner Association Fees-Make sure these are not too high for your budget.  They can quickly rise and cause your monthly payment to exceed your means.

Appreciation- Historically, appreciation on town homes has not been as great as on single family dwellings.  
Make sure you are advised by an experienced Summerville realtor on where to invest.
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